Elegant harp music for your special event

The Hoskins Sisters are harpists in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

For the past decade, they have performed as a duo and as soloists in the finest hotels and event venues, as well as in homes and churches. They provide soothing, therapeutic music for patients and caregivers at healthcare facilities. They also provide beautiful music for banquets, receptions, corporate events, teas, open houses and private parties. They released their debut CD Pure Harps in 2011.

Harp music is a gift that blesses people

The kind of traditional harp The Hoskins Sisters play dates back to biblical times. Its pure, peaceful sound brings serenity to listeners. Above all else, The Hoskins Sisters are Christian harpists who seek to honor the Lord in everything they do.

During holiday times, The Hoskins Sisters offer a special harp worship concert with Scripture recitation and readings for St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, and Christmas.

Harp music therapy for comfort, rest, and healing

The Hoskins Sisters play their music regularly at health care facilities. Researchers tout the therapeutic benefits of live harp music in helping patients relax, reducing stress, anxiety and pain. Live harp music has been called "medicine" without harmful side effects. People who receive the sounds of live harp music have described it as a "massage for the soul." The spirits of caregivers and healthcare staff are also uplifted by live harp music.  

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